**Please have order in by Monday, September 28, 2020**

Save 25-30 % off retail pricing!!

Please call us so we can help you fill out the cut sheet.

Purchasing a whole or half pig is a great way to stock up your freezer up for the year.  You will save approximately 25-30% off retail price and get the meat cut how you would like it.


  • Half Hog - $5.25 per pound hanging weight(112-137 pounds hanging weight)  $200 Deposit (Non-refundable)


​(The Hanging Weight is what the pig weighs after it has been killed and the entrails are removed. This is the weight you are charged by. The weight of the packages your receive will be about 75-80% of the hanging weight.)


+ plus

Butcher Fees:

$50 Kill Fee

$0.85/lb. hanging weight

$1.50-$2.05/lb. Sausage

$3.55/lb. All-Natural Cured Bacon/Hams

$2.50/lb. Regular Curing

$10 Environmental Fee

$5 Disposal Fee

*Prices Subject to Change

+ $25 Optional Home Delivery (Clarke, Loudoun, and Fairfax Counties)


Steps to Order

1. Place your order and pay your deposit online or by calling us. 540-303-2167

2. We will talk to you on the phone to walk you through filling out the cut sheet.

3. Please email your completed cut sheet to info@libertyhillfarmva.com. Alternatively, we can fill out the cut sheets ourselves with you on the phone. Please understand, you are responsible for communications with the butcher.

4. We will contact you when the meat is finished. You may pickup at our farm store in Berryville, at a Saturday Farmers Market, or we will deliver if you have chosen that option. At pickup your remaining balance after the deposit will be due.Payment may be made by cash, check or credit card(extra 3% fee).

Half Pig Deposit