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Liberty Hill Farm began in the spring of 2010.   We began raising our own food, starting with Layers and Meat chickens out of a desire to consume pure, delicious and nutritious food.  We saw and were reading about the commercial practices that were behind the food that is bought in stores and what it was doing to the health of society and could  do to us personally.  Additionally, we had a desire as a family to work together in a business. In 2012, Ken decided to make farming his sole pursuit, and then the family was off and running to make the farm work.    Since then we have grown with more animals.  Samuel added milk cows to the farm.  We added Romney Sheep, using its fleece for yarn and sending some animals off for meat processing.   We added Steers, feeding them  on a pure, 100% non chemically treated grass diet.  Even the hay that is provided in the winter is pure for the animal and the person that consumes the meat.   We added Hogs and Sows to the farm in 2015, raising them in the Walnut grove on the farm as well as providing them mineral rich, organically grown, non GMO feed.   Ducks were also added and have been raised for a few years providing meat and eggs to customers.    Because we  eat so well, we decided to make available the foods we eat to customers, using our pure and delicious meat and eggs, rendering them into  Pies and soups.   Our latest enterprise has been the development of natural herbal remedies,  designed and created to help  ourselves and customers to treat ailments in a natural way, by harnessing the healing properties of herbs.  As you can see, we are doing many things on the farm.  Its a tremendous lifestyle, full of activities and fulfillment.   It's a lifestyle we would not trade and would recommend people to participate in some way.    

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