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Herd Shares

The Jersey dairy cows are 100 % grass fed. They graze the pastures in the summer and consume hay in the winter. They also have access to minerals and fresh water.


In Virginia you may only consume raw milk from a cow that you own or have part ownership in. The cow herd share program gives you ownership of a share of the herd and you receive milk weekly from it. A herd share at Liberty Hill Farm provides you one gallon of milk each week from the Jersey herd. You may also purchase a half share which gives you one-half gallon of milk a week. Of course you can buy as many shares as are available-so you’re not limited to one. The boarding fees are due monthly and cover the maintenance and milking of the herd you have a share in. Each week, between 8 AM and 6 PM on the day scheduled, you may pick up your milk at the farm in Berryville. You can make any available day, Monday through Friday your pickup day.


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