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Cow Lifter Rental

Liftease Lifter

Cow lifter is available for emergency rental for down cows. It can be hung from a tractor using the 4 hooks included or it can be hung from the lifting stand below. Setup service is not included with rental. 

Rental Price:

$75 for first day

$10/each additional day until end of use

$25 delivery within 40 miles of Berryville, VA.

The lifter has been developed to improve usability and outcomes from existing sling-lift devices. Easy to use and designed to increase cow comfort by preventing or reducing sweating inside fully-closed slings. When used for longer periods, these can lead to skin ulcers and hide damage.

It is recommended that the cow is first lifted by a hip-clamp device, but if such a device is not available, the cow can be rolled onto the Liftease, or the Liftease can simply be pulled through under the down animal.

The lift straps each have three lift loops to give variation of lift height. These loops are designed to fit on a silage fork and are less likely to slip off than metal hooks. Designed to lift up to 4,400 lbs. (2,000 kg) without risk. Can also be used for horses.

Lifting Stand

This wooden lift includes an electric hoist(120 volts AC) and a steel bar from which the cow lifter can be hung. The hoist weight capacity is 1300 pounds. It can be used in an emergency or for cows  needing longer term care. Setup and lifting service is not included with rental.

Rental Price:

$75 for first day including delivery within 40 miles of Berryville, VA and training

$10/each additional day until end of use

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