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Our Farm Country Sampler CSA is the perfect way to experience the bounty of our farm. Each pickup, you'll receive a selection of our freshest food. Our CSA program is perfect for families and individuals who want to support local agriculture and enjoy healthy, delicious food. With a Farm Country Sampler CSA membership, you'll unlock access to exclusive pricing. Join us today and taste the difference that fresh, locally-grown food can make.


Pickup is either monthly or bi-monthly. Each share will be $90 of meat for the price of $80. 


Package could include a variety of the following:

  • Grass fed beef (ground, roasts, or steaks)
  • Woodland raised pork (roasts, chops, ground, or sausage)
  • Pasture raised chicken cuts (whole or cuts)
  • Soup (frozen quarts)
  • Raw Honey (plain or infused)


Farm Country Sampler CSA

PriceFrom $320.00
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